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Roebuck, Thomas, Roebuck & Adams

At Roebuck, Thomas, Roebuck & Adams of Beaumont, TX, there are four experienced attorneys ready to take your case.

Contact Roebuck, Thomas, Roebuck & Adams today at 409-892-8227 to reach an experienced attorney in Beaumont, TX.

Thomas P. Roebuck, Jr.

Thomas P. Roebuck, Jr. has over 33 years of trial experience. His criminal expertise includes all types of felony and misdemeanor accusations, including white collar, drugs, firearms, forfeitures, violent and capital crimes, DWIs, frauds and thefts.  Learn more

Jeffery T. Roebuck

2006-2007, Named Texas “Rising Star” – Law & Politics (Texas Monthly Magazine).  Learn more

Brett S. Thomas

Brett Thomas is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in personal injury trial law.  Learn more

Charles D. Adams

Charles D. Adams is a Texas attorney who devotes a significant portion of his practice to the defense of individuals accused of crimes in Texas State Courts.  Learn more

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